Metering and mixing technology for e-mobility

Dispensing systems for battery systems and the mobility of the future

Globally, China and the USA are the largest markets for electric vehicles. In Europe, it’s Norway and Germany. These countries currently record the highest number of registered new vehicles, including hybrid and fully battery-powered cars. New markets are emerging along with e-mobility. Especially Asian countries have realised the potential and encouraged the development of innovative approaches for battery production. They are not only used in cars, but also in buses, e-bikes and e-scooters or even trains and ships.

As part of e-mobility, new materials and new technologies are also being used: for instance, modern lightweight materials (composite components) or assistance systems with sophisticated sensors. All production processes for the mobility of the future make use of highly automated metering and mixing technology, with which a wide range of materials are processed and applied: from lubricants to adhesives and potting compounds to thermally conductive materials. Heat management in batteries and electronic components is going to play an important role in future. Heat constantly has to be discharged to protect it from overheating or failure. Thermally conductive gap fillers are applied here.

A partner for all applications
As a full service provider, DOPAG has metering and mixing solutions available for all applications. Especially for processing liquid synthetic materials, our metering and mixing systems meet the highest quality and process-reliability requirements. DOPAG offers special dispensing technology for processing thermally conductive gap fillers, which have a special coating to reduce wear while processing these highly abrasive materials. In addition, the product range includes a wide range of metering components and pumps that can be tailored precisely to the greasing applications in question thanks to their modular design. All DOPAG solutions are partially or fully automatic and integrable.

We offer standardised metering and mixing technology for battery systems and for other applications.

  • Processing thermally conductive gap fillers
  • Dispensing adhesives and sealants
  • Potting electrical and electronic components
  • Greasing and oiling components under dynamic stress
  • Gasketing: Production of removable sealing systems
  • Joining composite components
  • LSR: Production of silicone seals

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En métodos de impresión líquida 3D como SLA o DLP se dosifican y se mezclan materiales bicomponente. DOPAG ofrece la solución ideal para ello.
  1. vectomix


    Vectomix se utiliza para el procesamiento de materiales multicomponente. Para ello, debido a la compatibilidad y la modularidad se utilizan dos unidades de dosificación con bombas de pistón vectodis, incluso de tamaño distinto.

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